Contest is over!

Congrats to @Duskheart, who won the $50 iTunes gift card for finding the blue locoman!

For those of you who didn’t win (or didn’t enter), I have a consolation prize. I dug up this gem on a Vietnamese gaming forum. Google translate says:

A story of Krog, if you think Krog monster also but he was very funny, unfortunately, is on a date with an who used iron cage arrest took her uncle’s mate, the only thing which notes can be discovered only leads to a castle, where the mystery and make sure that her uncle’s mate was there, however little we need your participation and help to pay us more, if you are willing.


Dark Krog as Krog’s uncle? That’s a devilishly clever twist. I wish I thought of that.


I’m giving away a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate to a random Krog player! Visit the contest page for more details.