Ottawa Comicon Wrap-up

It was great to see everyone at Ottawa Comicon! Thanks to those who said hi, and a big thanks to the many who chatted with me at length about game dev. I have a few announcements to make regarding items brought up at the con:

This year Krog was launched into the world of Android, and very well received. We’re live on the Google Play and Amazon App store, as well as a few other less well-known stores. I’m in talks with Microsoft regarding Krog onto Windows 8 devices, and I’ve made a contact at Nintendo regarding Wii-U and/or 3DS.

Despite delays, Act III is in progress. A lucky few at the con got to see a preview of some levels and bosses. Expect to see Act III sometime in July, if not sooner. Krog Act III will also be submitted to Steam greenlight.

Daily Quest
AKA Endless play, is in development. I’m very excited about this endless-freeplay mode that will see randomized levels, new bosses, and new abilities for Krog. That’s all I can say for now!

Krog will be available for purchase via download again soon. I will also put the Krog toys up for sale on the website as soon as Tom (Blackgard, Grombyland) makes the next batch (I sold out at the convention).

In the meantime, enjoy your summers!