Q. What are the hardware requirements for Krog?

A. The Mac/Windows version will run smoothly on most modern computers. The slowest machine I’ve tested it on was a 1.6ghz Macbook Air, and I’m sure it runs well on even slower machines. The iOS version of Krog is recommended for use on iPhone 4S / iPad 2 and better. The target device used for Android was a Samsung Nexus S. If your Android device has a CPU @ 1Ghz+, Krog should run well.

Q. What is Krog?

A. Krog is a dungeon crawling RPG built by Ryan Miller based on Tom Cameron’s story and artwork. Krog is uniquely based on a series of real-life figurines. All the characters in Krog have been sculpted by hand before being created digitally. Krog takes RPG elements from games like Diablo and Zelda, but discards complicated mechanics such as level grinding, loot sorting, the requirement for strategy guides and min/maxing, and instead focuses on a fun and casual “pick up and play” theme.

Q. What is A Krog?

A. Good question… the original design was based on a whale crossed with a dog. Some people have also told us he looks like a boar. He is a scaley reptilian fantasy creature, with an insatiable appetite and the ability to change colors.

Q. Are there figurines available?

A. Krog figurines will be posted on the Krog store when they become available. We have figurines for Krog, Cursor, Locomen and Blockmen.