About Us



Ryan Miller Game Developer & Artist

Ryan is a self-employed game maker in Toronto, who splits his time between freelance graphics and programming contracts, teaching college students about game development, and making games like Krog. His corporation “Conjured Graphics” is really just one person (don’t tell anybody!).



Tom Cameron Concept Art, Art Direction, Story

Tom is an independent toy and animation layout artist living in Toronto. Tom first dreamed up “Blackgard” and “Castle Monsters” in 2012, which served as the pre-production for Krog.



John Simpson Composer

John is a composer and roboticist in Hamilton. He has a peculiar way of looking at music–he does so mathematically. John is a tinkerer at heart, preferring Linux over traditional operating systems, and finding new uses for existing electronics.



Ian Zamojc Technical Consultant, Video Editor

Ian is an experienced web and game developer in Toronto. Ian and Ryan work together as teachers at Durham College and on various game projects. Ian also put together the 2013 Krog trailer (nice work, dude!).

Jayme Last Story Editor

Jayme is an author and consultant in Toronto. She has been a big supporter of Krog from day one, and the value of her consultations and contributions are incalculable. We thank her for all of her help.