Convention Wrap-up

Thanks everybody who came to play Krog at my booth this weekend! It was a blast chatting with you (and watching you play.. it’s not creepy, it allows me to improve the user experience!). I hope you enjoy your Krog-on-a-USB-drives and Krog toys.

Krog 2.0 was submitted to the iOS App Store last week, and with any luck we’ll see it appear as an update to the current Krog app around thursday this week.

Krog will also hit Android’s Play Store sometime this week, I’ll make a post when it’s officially online.

Android Support

Krog on Android

You know all those times I said Krog won’t be on Android? Forget those times. Forget all of those times.

I’m aiming to have Krog on the Google Play store next week. All you Android folks can play Krog on your oversized phone screens :)